Why Tarpaulins are Important for Camping

1 January 1970, Comments: 0

Tarpaulins are a convenient solution for many different issues while camping because they are versatile. They are made from a strong weave of material that is waterproof or highly water-resistant. Tarps are lightweight and take up little space in a pack. Tarpaulins are a good supply to have while camping because they can be used in many ways.

Lightweight Shelter

Tarpaulins are durable enough to be used to construct a lightweight shelter while camping. They are preferred by some people who practice ultralight camping. Tarpaulins also provide a convenient solution for shelter if some part of an existing tent breaks or tears. Tarpaulins can be formed into a simple tent or could be attached to one or more trees to form a cover for the night. Tarpaulins are so versatile that they can be used to create a shelter even in irregular areas that could not support a normal tent with poles.

Extra Protection from Weather

Bringing a tarpaulin on a camping trip is useful because it can provide extra protection from a variety of different weather conditions. The tarp can be suspended like a roof to protect a fire from rain. They can be hung over tents to minimize the effects of rain or snow. Tarpaulins can be suspended vertically to provide protection from high winds. If a party is camping in alpine or desert conditions, then the tarpaulin makes a useful shade to keep everyone out of the sun.

Ground Cover

One of the most common uses for a tarpaulin during a camping trip is as ground cover. The tarpaulin can be unfolded or unrolled and then spread out over the ground to create a dry area. Unlike blankets or other fabrics, tarps are thick enough to prevent moisture and debris on the ground from breaking through the material. The dry area a tarp creates can be used for cooking, dining or sleeping in bivouac sacks. The area could also be used to dry gear and clothing overnight.

Emergency Resource

Tarpaulins are a valuable tool while camping because they can be used as a resource during an emergency. Tarps are a convenient solution for carrying gear if a backpack breaks and becomes unusable. A tarp can be used to carry an injured person or animal to safety. Tarpaulins can also be cut into strips if strong pieces of material are needed as cordage. Tarps are a valuable emergency resource.