Using a Ground Sheet for Camping

1 January 1970, Comments: 0

When you are camping, one of the most important things you need to bring along is a quality ground sheet. A good ground sheet will not set you back very much money, and it can be folded tight to keep from taking up much space among your camping supplies. Keep reading to discover all the ways you can benefit from a ground sheet while you are camping.

Protection for Your Tent

A ground sheet is a plastic tarp that you place under your tent while you are camping. This plastic sheet is crucial to extending the life of your tent as long as possible. The bottom of the tent is the area that gets worn out the fastest. If you place your tent directly on the ground without a protective layer underneath it, it will wear out very quickly. You need to protect your tent from wear and tear from rocks, roots and other rough spots on the ground with this protective plastic sheet.

Stay Warm in the Chilly Night

Even when you are camping during the summer, it can get quite chilly during the evenings. This is especially true if you are camping up in the mountains. One of the best ways to keep your tent warm at night is to use a ground sheet. The ground sheet will provide a layer of insulation for your tent, keeping the chill of the dirt from working its way up into your sleeping bag.

Aside from helping to keep the tent warm, a good ground sheet will also help to keep it dry during the night. Especially during the humid summer nights, condensation can form on the ground when the temperature drops and the dew point rises. This condensation will work its way into the bottom of your tent if you don’t protect yourself. A ground sheet will keep out the damp and keep the bottom of your tent dry and warm.

Using the Ground Sheet

When you use a ground sheet, make sure to stake it securely to the ground to prevent it from blowing up and flipping the tent over if it gets windy. When you are done with the ground sheet, make sure to clean it and dry it thoroughly before you store it away for your next camping trip. If you take care of it well, a quality ground sheet will last for decades of camping adventures.