Things to Consider When Choosing a Backpack For Camping

1 January 1970, Comments: 0

Choosing a backpack with the correct fit, volume and features can make a large difference when camping. Backpacks are camping tools that need to be selected carefully just like any other supply. A backpack should meet individual needs and body type. There are several things to look into when choosing a backpack for camping.

Volume and Capacity

backpacksThe volume of a backpack determines the size of items that it can hold. The outer appearance of a bag does not necessarily relate to the overall load capacity. Volume is measured in either liters or cubic inches. Backpacks with a volume of 10 liters and 600 cubic inches are considered small daypacks. Full-sized backpacks for long trips can have up to 85 liters and 5,000 cubic inches of volume. Choosing a backpack with the right capacity will make carrying a large or small load easier.


The fit of a backpack means how it sits on the person’s back while walking. Improper fit could cause pain in the shoulders and back. It could lead to injuries on long camping trips. Determining the correct fit means measuring the length of the torso. This is the distance between the top of the shoulders and the top of the waist. The distance between the topmost seam of the shoulder straps and any waist belts should match the torso length. Many larger backpacks actually list the torso length on the label. A few backpacks have adjustable lengths.

Suspension Type

Backpacks come with a variety of suspension options that help to distribute weight and make the pack more comfortable. Hip belts are essential for backpacks with a large load capacity. The belt distributes most of the weight to the hips. Sternum straps connect the shoulder straps across the chest. They help to maintain the correct fit while also providing stability while climbing or traversing rough terrain. Choosing a backpack with extra suspension or load lifting straps makes it easier to deal with heavy loads.

Specialized Compartments

Specialized compartments allow for custom storage of a variety of items while camping. These compartments are usually specifically sized to handle items like cell phones, water bottles or sleeping bags. Some compartments have special linings that provide a waterproof area for supplies. It is usually better to choose backpacks with specialized compartments when planning a long camping trip since it will make organization and access easier.

Extra Features

Extra features can add a higher level of convenience and functionality to a backpack. Compressible storage backpacks can roll up or fold into a compact shape. This makes transport and storage simple. Some modern backpacks include solar panels on top that can be used to charge mobile devices while camping. It is important to consider what special features are most useful to you when choosing a backpack.