The Ultimate Combination of Fire Making Equipment

1 January 1970, Comments: 0

If you want to survive, it’s crucial to have the best equipment for fire making. Whether it’s for a family camping trip or hiking in the wilderness, it’s important to be able to make a fire. In many situations, this equipment can save lives.

It’s common for people to get lost in the wilderness, and without the right equipment, they might not make it out alive. Bringing a set of tools that can be used to make fires will keep the family safe.

Match Cases

firemaking equipmentIt’s important to have waterproof match cases. Most stores have a few different cases; it’s best to purchase a case that is made from a durable material.

Although a plastic match case will certainly work, it might be best to spend a bit more money and buy a case made from aluminum. The match case will protect matches from a torrential downpour or similar conditions.

Waterproof Matches

There are many survival tools that can be used to start a fire, but campers should always bring some matches. It’s best to bring some regular, storm, and strike-anywhere matches. These are the three main types of matches that everyone should bring on a camping trip.

In dry conditions, regular matches work well. Strike-anywhere matches are important because they can be lit on almost any surface, so if the match striker is lost, the strike-anywhere matches will still work. When weather conditions take a turn for the worst, storm matches will work well.

The Metal Match

All campers should bring a metal match. Inside of a metal match, there is fibrous material. Basically, the metal match removes small amounts of the fibrous material, and the material is coated with an accelerant.

The metal match must be struck on a ferro rod, and after it’s ignited, it will stay lit for 15 seconds. Campers should always bring a metal match because it’s very useful and lasts a while.

Fire Starters

After starting a fire, campers need to find kindling. However, if campers can’t get a fire going, kindling is useless. There are a few different fire starters that all campers should bring. These items are char cloth, dryer lint, jute rope and cotton balls covered with petroleum jelly.

These fire starters will make it easy to get those first few flames. For additional safety, campers should bring a ferrocerium rod, chips, bar, and magnesium rod, which can be used to start a fire in any condition. This combination of items is the perfect set of equipment for fire making.