The Tent is the Best Vacation Home Ever

1 January 1970, Comments: 0

Tent camping frees people to enjoy vacations in fabulous places such as state and federal park lands that have been protected from private development and are kept as publicly-owned treasures. For a very reasonable fee, groomed campsites are available with running water, picnic tables, and campfire pits. Hot showers and other amenities are always close by. A good family tent is the perfect vacation home and can be easily set up in these beautiful spots.

family tentsToday’s tents are lighter, larger, easier to set up, and more functional than the heavy tents of the past. A good family tent now includes multiple sleeping areas, storage space, and an indoor dining area to eat or gather in while protected from weather or insects. Tent assemblies also come with rain flies, which are additional coverings that act as closely fitted umbrellas directing rain water away from tent walls keeping occupants and equipment dry. There are many new developments in tent design which make tent setup and transport easy for everybody.

  • Materials used in fabrics and hardware are flexible and lightweight, making setup a great family activity that’s easy and can involve everyone.
  • Fabrics are more water resistant as well as being lightweight. Today’s tent designs provide better weather protection.
  • Large family tents which will sleep as many as 12 people, have movable walls which allow occupants to arrange different interior spaces including multiple sleeping areas, dining areas, and changing rooms.
  • Tents that are easy to use are used more. Family tents include indoor dining areas which provide weather and insect protection for activities other than sleeping.

Storage spaces inside tents give easy access to supplies and equipment so occupants do not have to exit the tent for needed items or activities. Storage spaces in tents also make great private changing areas.

Today’s tents are easier to set up and provide better accommodations for families. Once darkness takes over, people snug and secure in their tents enjoy the old-fashioned pleasures like the soft glow of camping lamps as well as the muffled voices of other campers. As campers listen to campfire songs in the distance, everyone will agree that a tent is the best vacation home ever.