Reasons to Bring an Inflatable Tent on Your Next Camping Trip

1 January 1970, Comments: 0

Inflatable tents have a compact packing size and a number of convenient features that campers should consider when planning a camping trip. The tents use sealed channels of air as supports instead of tent poles. Inflatable tents are just as durable as other designs but weigh less and are simpler to handle. There are several reasons why campers should consider bringing an inflatable tent on the next trip.

Minimal Pitching Time

Inflatable tents can be pitched in a fraction of the time it takes to assemble a traditional camping tent that uses poles. The process of pitching an inflatable tent mostly involves using a handheld air pump to fill the supporting channels in the fabric. There is no need to spend time assembling a complex network of poles and threading parts through the tent. The final pitching with a few lines takes only minutes with an inflatable tent.

Easy Transport and Storage

An inflatable tent compresses into a very small area when not in use. This compact packing size makes it easier to carry multiple tents or larger tents. Campers do not have to dedicate large amounts of backpack space to poles and other hardware in order to use the tent. This is especially helpful when bringing multiple tents since campers need to bring along only one air pump for all of the tents. Similarly, the compact size allows tents to be stored in small areas in the home or car between camping trips.

Varied Interior Layouts

Despite the compact packing size, inflatable tents have varied sizes and layouts compared to traditional designs. An AirBeam brand of inflatable tent can be large enough for an entire family. They can have multiple rooms inside, awnings and even rain gutters to divert moisture away from entryways. This is possible because the inflatable air channels can be run throughout the tent to provide support that is difficult to get in traditional designs. This allows for separate interior compartments.


Inflatable tents like the AirBeam line are much more stable than tents pitched using just tension and poles. One reason is that there is no room for human error. The inflated tent is structurally stable because the supports are built into the fabric. Another reason for increased stability is that the inflatable supports do not wear down, break or come apart over time like some older tent poles. This provides a better shelter for campers even during windy or harsh conditions.