Mummy Bag

1 January 1970, Comments: 0

The mummy bag is a popular type of sleeping bag that campers and outdoorsmen find useful when out in the great outdoors. The mummy bag is often chosen due to its unique style, comfort, and capacity to keep body temperature at a comfortable level while sleeping among the elements.

Taking on the shape of a mummy case, this style of sleeping bag does more than many other types of sleeping bags on the market. First, its unique shape is designed in such a way that the sleeper will find comfort in a variety of sleeping positions. Second, the material and insulating products used in most of the commercially available mummy bags are of the highest quality.

The outer shell of this sleeping bag design allows for better heat retention. Instead of using material that allows heat to escape, mummy bags utilize state-of-the-art polyester insulation and 100% nylon for protection against moisture and wind. The typical polyester material used as insulation for the mummy bag remains light which is a positive in terms of carrying and packing the bag for hikes and outdoor travel. While mummy sleeping bag remains lightweight, the efficiency of the bag to keep the sleeper warm on even the coldest of nights is not compromised.

In terms of the inner lining of most mummy bags, nylon remains the popular choice. Nylon inner lining adds a double protection from dampness and moisture that are common problems while camping.

There are advantages to choosing a mummy bag over regular rectangular-shaped bags. First, the mummy shape leaves less space between the body and the sleeping bag. This prevents pockets of cooler air from forming around the sleeper. Second, the design of the narrower foot space promotes warmer feet for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

The mummy bag also comes equipped with a double zipper to keep cold air from penetrating the bag. Some higher end bags come with a hood and an adjustable neck collar for comfort and additional warmth. This type of sleeping bag is reasonably priced for the overall quality of its unique design.