Making Camping Fun for Children

1 January 1970, Comments: 0

Camping is a great way to connect with the kids, especially when they have their own customized movie tie-in sleeping bag, etched with their favorite show, in which to cuddle up. Along with the blazing campfire, hotdogs, marshmallow roasting, s’mores, and story-telling, the kids will love the whole camping experience and be able to get a good night’s sleep.

Choosing the Proper Children’s Sleeping Bag

children's sleeping bagsWhether sleeping around the campfire in the open night air or inside a tent, the sleeping bag is the key to getting a restful sleep so the next day of hiking, exploring, or fishing does not leave the camper tired and cranky in the morning. Since not all sleeping bags are the same, care in choosing the proper sleeping bag for the child is needed.

Materials Used in a Child’s Sleeping Bag

The main function of the sleeping bag is to keep the camper warm and provide a little padding between the body and the ground. As the design of the bag is modified for different climates and weather conditions, care should be taken when choosing the proper sleeping bag. Sleeping bags work by trapping air between the camper and the outside so the heat from the body inside the bag keeps steady warmth while sleep occurs.

When looking for children’s sleeping bags, a good choice would be one that:

  • Has a built-in sleeve for inserting a sleeping pad so the pad does not bunch up (children tend to wiggle during nocturnal hours)
  • Is colorful or has a movie theme for added enjoyment
  • Includes pillow pockets; child can put a jacket in the pocket or a small pillow to support his/her head during sleep
  • Pockets on the outside of the bag for the kid’s goodies (souvenirs, iPod, books)
  • Drawcord-free to prevent tangling cord

Choosing a movie tie-in sleeping bag for the child based on safety and comfort can add to the excitement of the camping experience. The child can snuggle in his or her very own sleeping bag and dream of the characters depicted in its outer shell, making bedtime a positive experience.