Let the Experts Help with Your Tent Rental Needs

1 January 1970, Comments: 0

From weddings and outdoor excursions, to company and camping events, tents are a great way to make any project a success. If you have a project that requires renting a tent, there are a few things you should know.

Camping with friends and family is a fun pastime for millions of people across the country. The campground itself might be the main attraction or just a basecamp for all the exciting activities nearby. On the camping trail, tents are a great way to create perimeters and designate needed space. The good news is that tents come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. This allows the customer to be creative with the configurations and sizes needed.

tent rentalThere are a number of tent styles from which to choose, including cabin-style, dome-style, back-packing tents, and screen rooms and sun shelters. Opting for a cabin-style tent offers easy in-and-out access. Near vertical walls can help maximize living space. Depending on the vendor and product, customers may even have the option of renting a tent with awnings and room dividers.

Dome-style tents are larger versions of classic backpacking domes. These camping packages offer superior strength and protection from wind and rain. No doubt, dome-style tents are greatly appreciated on a story night. Since these tents tend to stand tall in the center, some livable space may be compromised. Screen rooms and sun shelters are a great choice for providing protection and covering for the camp’s picnic table or pitching camp for a full day at the beach. Some models can double as a sleeping shelter and provide refuge from pesky insects.

Camping packages can also offer flexibility benefits. Tents can be chosen to accommodate the number of required guests for any camping event. Customers can choose from square and rectangular tents, to multiple tents with an array of configurations. Another great benefit of renting a tent is privacy. While nature is an ever-present backdrop, tents can provide a comfortable measure of privacy out on the camping trail. Step outside your tent and the world is your oyster.

A reputable tent rental company employs experts that can help iron out the details of all your camping needs, from pickup and return locations to the preferred tent size, shape, color, and length of rental time.