How to Upgrade Your Tent in the 21st Century

1 January 1970, Comments: 0

Tents existed hundreds of years ago, and they won’t disappear any time soon. The basic design of this structure hasn’t changed much over the years. These days, most campers are accustomed to canvas tents held together by stakes, poles, and ropes. Such structures could be considered somewhat primitive, but plenty of technology is available for tents in the 21st century. Travelers can accomplish more than just sleep in tents today. Therefore, certain technologies can make that tent feel like home.

Tent Lights

tent lightsFor instance, tent lights are quite popular among many campers. These lights are specially designed for high luminosity and low energy consumption. Many are charged through a solar cell so that travelers don’t need to carry batteries. Plus, there are those with combination solar and battery-operated options. Travelers tend to consider LED tent lights the most effective on the market. LEDs last for thousands of hours and don’t consume nearly as much power as common alternatives.

Air Mattresses

Not all travelers have embraced the air mattress yet. Despite their comfort, many campers choose to sleep on the tent flooring with a sleeping bag. Air mattresses are highly portable and can often be inflated in minutes. With that in mind, travelers can still get a good night’s rest in a tent. The average air mattress is affordable and available in multiple sizes at local sporting goods stores. Certain mattresses feel just like home.

High-Capacity Solar Cells

In the wilderness, campers rarely have access to electricity and technology. A portable solar cell can change the situation drastically. Solar cells draw energy from the sun through a panel and store that energy. Campers can power their laptops, portable devices, and more through a cell. By sticking a solar cell in the tent, campers can relax at night with their electronics. Such an opportunity doesn’t excite everyone, but some people can’t live without their electronic devices.

Travelers can add plenty of devices and technologies to their tents with ease. In the end, not all campers want to feel like they’re in the 21st century. Plenty of people prefer living in the wilderness with bare necessities for a few days. However, there are solutions available for people that fall on the other side of the spectrum. By themselves, tents are fairly basic structures designed to provide shelter and nothing else. A few changes can make any tent feel a bit like one’s own bedroom.