5 Simple Items to Make Camping More Comfortable

1 January 1970, Comments: Comments Off

When it comes to enjoying weekend getaways into the great outdoors, having some basic camping comforts on hand can make a huge difference in keeping everyone in your party comfortable and happy.

Let’s take a look at five simple items that you can easily include in your camping supplies that you’ll be glad you brought with you on your next camping excursion.

  1. camping comfortsPortable Coffee Maker:

    Whether you can’t start your day without your morning joe or only enjoy a cup of coffee, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a fresh cup of good coffee after a night of camping. Instead of settling for those instant coffee crystals, enjoy the real thing by picking up a French press or one of the portable coffee systems on the market.
  2. Solar Shower:

    If you’re planning on camping for more than a night or two, do yourself and everyone in your party a favor by investing in a solar shower. These inexpensive units can get water surprisingly hot in a short amount of time, and a hot shower will leave you feeling clean and refreshed for your outdoor adventures.
  3. Solar Charger:

    Though there’s something to be said for completely unplugging for your weekend getaways, today’s mobile devices can be extremely useful when you’re in the backcountry. From identifying native plants and getting your GPS coordinates to keeping track of the weather or emailing friends, having a solar charger on hand lets you rely on your mobile devices without worrying about battery life.
  4. Camping Chair:

    This is one camping comfort that you’ll never want to be without once you’ve experienced just what a difference it can make during your outdoor excursions. Camping chairs come in a wide range of styles and sizes, including some impressively light models that are perfect for backpacking trips.
  5. Hand Warmers:

    Stay cozy when the temperature starts dropping during your next camping trip by including these clever items in your supplies. Disposable hand warmers are available for a reasonable price, but there are also reusable hand warmers on the market that you might consider investing in if you enjoy taking family camping trips during the colder months.